Think you know all the tricks and tips of the game of poker? Think again! Below are three strategies that you most likely have never thought of using, but have been proven to actually work!

1. Fold a lot- sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s not, especially when it comes to Texas Hold’em. You will either have the cards or you won’t and 85% of the time, you won’t. What this comes down to is a lot of folding but this can lead to a great poker game, especially when you get the cards you need.
2. Don’t bluff- sure, you’ve heard bluffing is the best way to win but in reality, it’s not. It can get old fast. Most players bluff less than 10% of the time; if you are a beginner, don’t try to bluff your way to the top.
3. Play to win- finally, if you do have the hand, raise the pot aggressively. This is called Raise or Fold and it can reel in players so you get a bigger pot.